Distinguished talk given by a distinguished Minister of Justice.

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Minister of Justice Her Excellency Miss Arpine Hovhannisyan has given a significant talk at the Embassy of Lebanon on 31/05/2016 in the presence of a special group of Ambassadors and guests.

Ambassador of Lebanon Dr. Jean Makaron said in his welcome words:
“I am honored to welcome Her Excellency Minister of Justice, I truly appreciate your kindness for accepting my invitation to give a talk and secondly I commend and favor you for choosing an excellent and outstanding topic which is interesting not only to public opinion but also to our diplomatic corps.

I am pleased to say that you are not only a special Lady but also a special minister and you distinguished yourself by your remarkable presence, your hard work and by doing your best to make a difference in your ministry.”

And he highlighted that there are 5 points in common between justice and diplomacy as follows: They have the same goal which is promoting peace in our society. They are dealing with the same subject that is resolving conflicts between 2 parties or more. They use the same means such as negotiation, investigation, inquiry.

And they aim to reach the same result which is.- compromise,  transaction, deal, mutual concession.

And they both need power because if they are not backed by power they become useless and ineffective.

Minister of Justice spoke about the best way to fight corruption and to ensure good governance and she said:

“The Ministry of Justice makes and presents to the government normative-legal acts regulating this sphere, examines and makes analysis of branch legislation, discusses the suggestions presented by other state bodies, representatives of civil society, international organizations.

Ten days ago I have presented to the government structure changes in the Ministry. I have been working on these changes from the moment of assuming the office, having the vision of conduction of the governance which will really work, is cost-effective and efficient.

In the result of internal changes we have created a department dealing with corruption issues. We are in daily cooperation with such international anticorruption organizations such as Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), UNCAC, EC in the framework of cooperation projects, Group of states against corruption (GRECO).

As a step made in the fight against corruption I should mention the adoption of Criminal Code along with the Election Code, envisaging the norm by which the person avoids punishment if after 3 days from the moment of getting the bribe, informs the legal bodies and helps to the disclosure of the crime.

Effective governance supposes several components: the rule of law, transparency, accountability, participation. I would like to emphasize the participation of the society in the governance. Thus we will be able to break the stereotype of the society in the issue of fight against corruption. ”

This important event was attended by His Excellency Mr. Karen Nazaryan Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs and by the Dean of the Diplomatic Corps Ambassador of Kuwait and Ambassadors of Russian Federation, Lithuania, Swiss Confederation, Brazil, Romania, Italy, Germany, Japan, Belarus, European Union, United Kingdom, Egypt, Kazakhstan, deputy Ambassador of France, Deputy Ambassador of USA, Deputy Ambassador of Greece, Charge d’Affaires of Iraq, Syria and India.

And distinguished guests attended this event: Mrs. Anna Christina Schirinian- CEO Fruitfull Armenia, Representative of IMF, Miss. Kristina Grigoryan, Mr. Samir Khnaizir-owner of Café du Brazil, Mr. Ralph Yirikian-General Manager of VivaCell-MTS, Honorary consul of Portugal Mr. Sam Samuelian, Mr. Nicholas Tawil-General Manager of Sanitek, Mr. Krikor Jabourian-Managing Partner Airpotech and Mr. Hovig Eordekian-acting director of AGBU.

It should be noted that this event is organized in the framework of the idea of “Ambassadors without Borders”.

And it is worth noting that all attendees of this event were very interested about the talk of Minister of Justice and they highly appreciated what she said.

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