Message of Dr. Jean Makaron On 05 July 2013 For the MEA Launching event

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A good thing is never late.

Finally, Middle East Airlines, the Eagle of Lebanon, is flying the friendly sky of Armenia. This is indeed a welcome news.

This emblem MEA symbolizes the Middle Airlines which is indeed the eagle of Lebanon.

As our ancestors the Phoenicians sailed around the world and invented the Alphabet, the MEA is now flying the sky, travelling around the Globe and aiming high at the heavens.

This regular flight serves not only to consolidate social and cultural relations between Lebanon and Armenia but also commercial relations.

Both countries, thanks to their beauty, hospitality and legacy have been and continue to be an attractive destination for millions of tourists from both the East and the West of our globe.

It has been said: the quickest way between two points is a straight line. In this respect, MEA has succeeded without doubt thru its direct and new line in linking Beirut to Yerevan, to save not only time but also stress, and has succeeded in reducing not only long and boring distance but also long and boring wait and what is more important is this direct line serves to save money since money is an important factor to all passengers.

Dear guests, MEA is always known for its great reputation, for its excellent service and its generous hospitality.

I am indeed confident, that Middle East Airlines will maintain its reputation and high level of success with this new line joining Beirut to Yerevan.

Distinguished guests and colleagues, I am honored to stand with you today in welcoming of Her Excellency the Minister of Diaspora Mrs. Hranush Hakobyan and His Excellency Mr. Vahram Avanesyan, Minister of Economy of Armenia. I am truly delighted to have you present among us today. And what makes this event a unique one is the presence of all members of the Lebanese delegation who made this special trip from Lebanon to be with us in this memorable moment.

I am honored to welcome the Lebanese Minister of Industry His Excellency Mr. Vreige Sabounjian and a special welcome to all members of Lebanese Parliament namely their Excellencies Mr. Arthur Nazarian, Mr. Jean Oghasabian, Mr. Sebouh Kalpakian. I cannot forget the presence of all successful Lebanese Businessmen members of this delegation who are indeed leaders in Business.

In the same spirit, I would like to welcome the distinguished CEO of Middle East Airlines Mr. Mohamad Al-Hout.

Mr. Al- Hout has left a legacy and a remarkable vision in the ME Airlines and continues to do so. He made indeed a big difference in the MEA and his success is an example to follow.

Finally, I would like to thank each and every one of you for attending this special event. To Middle East Airlines, dear friends and colleagues. I wish the very best.

Long live Armenia, long live Lebanon.

Jean Makaron

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  • MEA Launching event On 05 July 2013
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