Speech of Ambassador Makaron on the occasion of the season of Francophonie 17/04/2014

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My wife and I are honored to welcome you all on this beautiful occasion of the season of Francophonie (French-speaking world) .

The philosophy of Francophonie is based on events and activities that could contribute to a rapprochement between 77 states members of the International organization of Francophonie and to shed light on their values in addition to strengthen their solidarity and promoting their cultural diversity.

This gathering serves to meet each other and to exchange ideas and furthermore to benefit from the cultural diversity of the French-speaking world. -There is no economic prosperity without healthy politics -And there is no healthy politics without social development, -And there is no social development without cultural and artistic progress This cultural and artistic progress is indeed the ultimate goal of the Francophonie. In this context let me share with you what said the former Greek minister of culture Melina Mercouri:” Culture, art and creativity are more important than technology, commerce and economy”.

Dear guests I invited you to celebrate together the season of Francophonie in order to thank France and the International Organization of Francophonie for all their cultural contributions not only in Lebanon but also in all Francophone countries especially in Armenia which is indeed a big reservoir of culture and heritage.

This celebration is just a small gesture of gratitude to all those who helped to make this season a big success. Today more than before our world needs to promote the cultural values of the Francophonie for culture is the essential guarantee of a peaceful and civilized world.

Before inviting you to taste our Lebanese national foods and to enjoy this beautiful meeting I would like to salute the Ambassador of France his partners his teamwork, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Culture for making this season a unique and remarkable one.

Finally since the Ambassador of France likes always to hear a beautiful quotation said by French personalities I am pleased to share with you the advice of Napoleon Bonaparte to his ambassador to London: “Above all do not fail to give good dinners and to pay attention to the women.” Once again thank you very much for your presence.

Long live the Francophonie in Armenia and in Lebanon.

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